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Letter to Amnesty International by Resistenza Femminista

We are a group of activists and survivors of prostitution (, who have signed the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women’s letter against Amnesty’s proposal to decriminalise profiteers, brothel owners and sex buyers ( The...

Resistenza Femminista a Million Women Rise!!!

[feat.eng.vers.] Abbiamo presentato il gruppo davanti a 11.000 donne che incitavano e applaudivano, chiesto appoggio contro le proposte di zoning e regolamentazione e una nostra compagna ha spiegato la realtà della prostituzione.

Resistenza Femminista: About us

FEMINISM AND NEOLIBERALISM In an era of neoliberal capitalism, feminism is under attack. We strongly believe that political and economical aspects related to globalization are strictly connected with the exploitation of women and girls...